• I live in the Praga district of Warsaw, where I have spent nearly all my life.
  • I try to read at least two hours each day, alternating between different combinations of fiction, nonfiction, and comic books. I do not keep a reading log but have several “to-read” lists that I switch between depending on my mood.
  • I try to take at least one short walk each day. On weekends, I go for longer walks. I’m fortunate to live near two large green spaces where I enjoy watching birds and other forms of semi-wildlife.
  • There are three people I see regularly: my girlfriend, my mother, and my 99-year-old grandmother.
  • I spend most of my days numbly sitting in front of a computer.
    • I work freelance designing book covers and interiors and typesetting them.
    • During lulls between work, I try to develop various personal creative projects. Then I usually abandon them halfway and lose interest. It is all very chaotic.
    • When I have nothing better to do, or I’m too tired to do anything more productive, I gather data for my FigCat lists, which serves as an outlet for my compulsions.
  • From time to time, I feel extraordinarily bad. During these periods, it is very difficult for me to function normally.