This will have to do

I’m wargaluk (or am I?).

For want of an alternative, this website has to serve as the source of information about “my person”, such as it is.

Like everything I touch, I made this website all too late, with too little care, passion, and conviction. It ought to have been better. Perhaps, in time, it will improve, if only ever so slightly. One can dream; one should never cease to dream.

About me

I am ill at ease and not my usual self.

You can learn more about me, my favorite things, and my interests.


Let it be known that at least I tried.

FigCat (2022–)
A catalog of thematic lists of books, comics, and games
Opowieści wzgardzone (2016–2023)
A collection of weird stories and prose fragments (in Polish)
Set as Rejected (2015–2020)
An archive of photos documenting signs of the approaching end
wargaluk · art (October 2022 – January 2023)
A gallery of images generated with Stable Diffusion, back when it was new and exciting


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