My favorites: Film

I used to be much more interested in cinema. These days, I barely watch any films; the risk of boredom and disappointment discourages me from the time commitment required.

The following lists indicate films and directors that I once liked and still cherish the memories of. I omitted numerous films that I know I’ve seen and liked, but barely remember anything about, and I’m not sure if I would still consider them any good.

True personal favorites

  • Barton Fink (1991), dir. Coen brothers
  • Brand Upon the Brain! (2006), dir. Guy Maddin
  • Brazil (1985), dir. Terry Gilliam
  • Cure (1997), dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa
  • Embrace of the Serpent (2015), dir. Ciro Guerra
  • The Forbidden Room (2015), dir. Guy Maddin
  • Hour of the Wolf (1968), dir. Ingmar Bergman
  • Institute Benjamenta, or This Dream People Call Human Life (1995), dir. brothers Quay
  • Last Year at Marienbad (1961), dir. Alain Resnais
  • Mulholland Drive (2001), dir. David Lynch
  • Nuit noire (2005), dir. Olivier Smolders
  • The Tenant (1976), dir. Roman Polański
  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992), dir. David Lynch
  • Werckmeister Harmonies (2000), dir. Béla Tarr and Ágnes Hranitzky

“Worth seeing”

This is a category of works that aren’t my true favorites, but which I found interesting, especially in relation to their popularity or general reception.

  • The Black Cat (1934), dir. Edgar G. Ulmer
  • The Bloodhound (2020), dir. Patrick Picard
  • A Cure for Wellness (2017), dir. Gore Verbinski
  • After Hours (1985), dir. Martin Scorsese
  • Berberian Sound Studio (2012), dir. Peter Strickland
  • Chasing Sleep (2000), dir. Michael Walker
  • The Empty Man (2020), dir. David Prior
  • Evolution (2016), dir. Lucile Hadzihalilovic
  • Hotel (2004), dir. Jessica Hausner
  • Images (1972), dir. Robert Altman
  • Innocence (2004), dir. Lucile Hadzihalilovic
  • The Shout (1978), dir. Jerzy Skolimowski

“Good movies”

I have less of a personal connection to these films, but I still appreciated them very much, and it would feel strange to omit them here.

  • (1963), dir. Federico Fellini
  • Angel Heart (1987), dir. Alan Parker
  • The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007), dir. Andrew Dominik
  • Blade Runner (1982), dir. Ridley Scott
  • The Exorcist (1973), dir. William Friedkin
  • The Lighthouse (2019), dir. Robert Eggers
  • Melancholia (2011), dir. Lars von Trier
  • Persona (1966), dir. Ingmar Bergman
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011), dir. Tomas Alfredson
  • The Witch (2016), dir. Robert Eggers

What about TV series?

I think these are the only series I genuinely liked:

  • The Kingdom (1994) (I haven’t seen the new season)
  • Twin Peaks (1990–1991, 2017)